East Mountain woman

On the east side of the mountain lives a woman who’s a good friend of mine
And when I think about her I just seem to lose all track of time
Her company is easy and I wish that the time would never end
My soul craves her spirit and my body thinks she’s heaven sent
She’s soft and she’s gentle and she knows what she needs
And when she gets hungry she feeds

CH She’s my East Mountain woman x 3
…… and a good friend of mine.

She rides out on a quad bike in between the gorse and the whins
She stands atop the mountain and leans herself into the wind
And pretends that she’s falling but she knows that I’ll always pull her in
She has that look in her eye when the fun is about to begin
She’s a pure force of nature and I need her too much
There’s a fire in her eyes that I can touch

She goes swimming in the tarns but she won’t let me join her there
Says the water is too cold and a townie like me shouldn’t dare
When she walks through the heather she’s a goddess with the wind in her hair
When she looks at me sideways I just can’t help but care
She has sheep, goats and cattle and she chases them all day
Over the hills and far away