Our Story

Hi folks,
 My name, in case you missed it, is Mick Mepham. I've been around for a few years now, starting out in Hastings and now in sunny France. I'm very much enjoying life in the countryside and it's stimulating my grey cells to write more and more. The new studio is about to get its roof and there are currently 4 albums (2 electric and 2 acoustic) in process. 1 acoustic album  is finished and will shortly be available to buy from here, though for the foreseeable future it will just be by track. Packaging for the hard copy cd is somewhat problematic!! 
 I've been very lucky in my musical life to have played with some excellent musicians and people and I'm by no means finished yet, however, having left Titus around the new year, I'm sad to say that they have disbanded after many years. I had a lot of fun in the band and have learned a lot about acoustic music and playing, writing and recording it. I'll miss 'em.

 Can't get enough of the buzz of live gigs! If you've heard me before you know what I do and I hope you continue to like the songs. If you haven't heard me I'd say that I love songs with melody, power, dynamics and atmosphere and that is how I try to write.
 I hope you'll derive some pleasure from my music and this site and I'll be happy to try to answer any questions you may have about the various parts of it all. Do check out the gig/events page and, as I add them, songs, pics and everything else.