1. Comet



Come Mary-May and give to me
That which you guard so carefully
And hold it forth that I might see in the dark before the dawning

I saw a comet in the sky
And made a wish that I would try
That life might favour you and I in the light of an early morning

I saw it for a second as it crossed the morning sky – Comet x 3

Bewitched by you as am I
The fever in me rises high
This feeling that no money buys and a lust that lies a burning

The plainest fact that I can see
Is I’m for you and you’re for me
And if I’m wrong I’ll climb that tree and hang me in the morning

I saw it as I laid my head upon the burning pillow – Comet x3

Come Mary-May now what say you
And do you feel this hunger too
What do you think that you might do for a love so unrequieted

And if you answer to me no
Across the field I must go
And swinging from the tallest tree suspended there by jealousy

I saw it as it passed before my eyes, before my eyes, before I died
Comets x4