1. Mary


Oh Mary you remind me of days in the sunshine
The soft summer breeze just a whisper of air
We’d walk in the forest and lie in the tall grass
And talk to each other of our future there
Our love would awaken our hearts would beat faster
The leaves they would rustle the wind start to blow
The pages of history written in laughter
The happiest days of this life I know

We struggled and fought for more years than was decent
Raised up a family all on our own
Our story is not one of pain or of suffering
Just everyday people a-building a home
Can anyone say how this life could be better
And point to a moment and say there’s the change
Can anyone show me that we were mistaken
In thinking our lives would stay just the same

Now I couldn’t see the horizon of dark clouds
And the waves that came crashing against our shore
And Mary I could not see your discontentment
As I just continued the same as before
As life passes by well there must be some changes
I woke up too late and my last chance had gone
And Mary I miss all the days in the sunshine
But day dawned too late and I am alone