The one and the other

There were 2 star-crossed lovers who lay on the ground
Staring up at the heavens they’d just flown around
Said one to the other “Well what’s that one there?”
Said the other to the one “And why what do you care?
It will pass o’er above us and never will stop,
But the strength of our love makes the planets to drop”.

Said the one to the other “ I wish I could hold
That moment we shared ere the blanket grew cold”
Said the other to the one “Come lay close to me,
Feel the wildfire burning and come share the heat”
While we lay in the afterglow worlds may collide
And spin off into space as we lay side by side”

Said the one to the other “I must tell it true,
I’m needy and greedy and hungry for you”
Said the other to the one “Nothing stands in our way
Not the moon or the stars or the cold light of day
Come and eat at the feast that is found on the hill
And I’ll show you the way if you show me the will
And the stars all align with the pleasure and pain
Come lover, come love me, once more again”