Hi Folks, here's the new site....

Hi again folks,


 I believe that my wife has just made a comment on FaceAche re the studio……. she is, unusually, right!!! It's 5 years in the making although only 3 of those count as we were still in the UK before that. 

 Last week I had the great pleasure of playing for my good friends The Legionnaires in Ochtrup, Germany. As was said, it was 10 years since the last time I played on that particular stage. Where DOES the time go? It was a mere 3 hours of playing but I hope to be there again in 2026 for another night of rock. Pix and videos will follow soon.

 It was a piddling 647 miles there and ditto back  but it was worth every hour it took. It made a local Hastings gig seem quite cosy….

 It also tweaked the nose of thinking of maybe slowing down very hard and I look forward to much gigging with the guys of The Blue Cheese and The Mick Mepham Band in the new year. 

 So I say Hurrah and Huzzah to everyone and I wish you all the best.





Well hellllooooooo everybody!

 It's great to be alive and kicking. After 3 years here in La Belle France I'm now in 2 bands.  London bus syndrome…..

The first is named The Blue Cheese playing bluesy covers etc and the second is the Mick Mepham Band playing rock and blues originals, including songs from the last album plus a few covers. The first has played several gigs and is a lot of fun. The second has just played it's debut and is going to be real fun next year. I've been lucky enough to have met some excellent musicians who share my liking for meaty rock music namely bassist Kera, guitarist and slide player Philippe and drummer Axel. Between us we have a good musical identity and empathy and I'm itching to get stuck in next year. 


Work on the studio is going well and should be done this year. Then it'll be in there and WOOOOORK!!!! I have a lot to get recorded of my own as well as a bunch of co-writes with Rog for another album or 2 with Both Barrels. And then there's a project that must get done with Lol Cooksey. Songs that might have been done a long time ago but that will hopefully be underway soon. More news on that as it happens.

Thank god that it's now raining here and I can get stuff done inside without feeling bad about missing the amazing sun here.


This week I get to play for a lot of old friends in Germany. I've been looking forward to this for several years and here it is now. See you later guys…..

All for now except to say hi and all the very best to anyone I know, I'm useless at keeping up as you've probably figured out already but that doesn't mean that I don't keep you all in mind.










Ok, so we're past what might have been the worst thing this side of the plague and life is starting to return to ‘normal’, whatever that might be.

After so long with nothing happening, I'm now in 2 bands!! The Blue Cheese is a covers/originals band and the Mick Mepham Rock and Blues band which is likely to concentrate more on originals, blues and rock. 

However, this week on Friday I'm playing a solo rock show at Pouance. It's an open air gig in the middle of town starting at 8.30 p.m. 

I'm really looking forward to it and have been playing a lot more lately so the old hands are working much better now. So fingers crossed for the weather etc etc as well as the gear working efficiently.

I hope to see a lot of folks there and also in future gigs with all the different variations. Work is progressing on the studio now and I'm looking forward to getting in there and getting some work done.

Hurrah for all of this and all the best to you all until next time,























Well hi folks,

I hope you're all well and starting to enjoy life again, just don't let it get another toehold....

Recording continues unabated here in France and work is about to start on the studio proper. 

What with covid and the French vehicle registration system there is nothing much going on over here. I can't get my gear to/from gigs even if there were any gigs to play. Also, thanks to brexit, the whole system of playing in the UK and returning to France has been thrown up in the air. I just hope it will all change soon so I can play again, I'm missing gigging and I'll need a lot of rehearsals besides. Bring it on......

If I'm not mistaken, Bleh has been in touch and will hopefully do so again soon as my replies can't get through!!!

John Beeching, keep the faith mate, it'll appear when you least expect it....

All the best to all from a frustrated Mick.


Cheers and take good care of eachother!










Hurrrraaahhhhhhh!!! At last!! Do The Moose video is now on here. Enjoy!!!!

Hi Folks,

Hahaha, I'm learning about this site all the time!!

As I hope you can see, I've put up "Do the Moose" on here for your enjoyment (?) It's a song for people who don't like to/can't really dance. There's a video for it too which I'll also try to put up shortly.

In the meantime, be well and keep safe and I wish you all the best.

Cheers for now,









Hi there all,

I hope you are all well and raring to go to see a gig when the opportunity arises. It's not going to be for a while yet I'm afraid but stick with it and we'll all get out the other side eventually, even if we have to wear masks!

All remaining gigs for the year are, inevitably, cancelled dammit. In the meantime I'll be sharpening up recordings and making some available to purchase, both in mp3 and cd formats. First will (hopefully) be A Heard Of Sounds, an acoustic album (yes John B******g, I haven't forgotten). This will be followed by a new rock album which is in production as we speak. I'm very happy with the contents of both and hope you will be too. If anyone would like cd copies of older albums I have a few That Was Then And This Is Now left and if anyone fancies the Savage Hearts album Cuts I'll be happy to furnish you with one. There will probably follow a bit of a flood of songs as there are several hundred of 'em. I know this as I've just finished typing up the lyrics for all!! At least it helped the quarantine to go quicker having come back from Mepham Towers in France. 

Work on the studio over there is progressing and it should end up as a beaut. 

I'd like to wish you all well and be safe.

Cheers for now and all the best,







Hi there everyone,

I hope that this finds you all in good health. To both of the people who would have come to the various gigs so far this year, my profuse apologies for their not happening but obviously there's nothing to be done! Hopefully the pestilence will pass in time and we can all meet again. 

I thought that maybe the break would kick off some writing but I've only written when away from the hustle and bustle of lockdown .....

So, life continues unabated! All the best to all. Take good care of yourselves and others and I hope to see you on the other side. 

Cheers for now,






Hi folks,

At last, I think I've figured out how to post a link!!!! Enjoy!!!  This is the song mentioned in the previous blurb, hope you like it, cheers all.









Hi folks, 

I'm not going to mention the C-word but suffice it to say that it's caused the postponement of all gigs at the moment so I won't be seeing you for a while. In the meantime, here's some music: I know it's not a current track and the quality isn't great but if you'd like to use it to dance to in order to keep fit then be my guest. I recorded this in the summer of about '85 - '86 ish (I think) and it features the excellent sax of Scott (surname temporarily forgotten, help!!!) I hope you like it.

Work on the next album is unfortunately suspended due to me being in the UK and my studio being elsewhere!!!

Anyway, I'm posting it on here and Facebook.

Cheers for now everybody, keep your distances and be well.







2020 is here. (alright, it's a month gone already and we're about to leave the EU). 

I have a small a small amount of time off for good behaviour until April 11th (unless summat comes in). I'm looking forward to playing in some familiar places as well as some new ones, plus Belgium, France and Germany to mention a few. Sadly, 1 or 2 venues have gone the way of all things but you never know, they might return in a better state than before. So. Gigs are in at Pub 31 in Winchelsea, The Royal Oak in Tonbridge, The Custom Café on Pevensey Marsh, Ochtrup in Germany, The Heritage Micro-pub in Sheppey, Belgium, plus others in the pipeline (Tonbridge, Tun Wells, Eastbourne and of course Hastings).

Dates for these can be found in the Shows page. 

Recording continues unabated and in several directions. More on that as it happens.

I'd like to wish everyone a great new year with loads of music and good health as well.

Cheers for now, 

Mick M









Having said I'm not I find that I am indeed at the Beau Nash tomorrow, Saturday 9th November. Looks like I booked it over a year ago but I didn't have it in my diary, DOH!!!! So disregard the last post and hurry along to the Beau Nash for your pre-Christmas fun. See ya there ………...





Here's the next show folks, sadly not in the Beau Nash, which has stopped having solo music for the foreseeable future, bands only apparently. Sorry if you were coming this week but I'm not there, dammit!!
However, Peter Boland and I are at the Prince of Wales, Maypole, Hoath, CT3 4LN at around 3 p.m. on Sunday 17th November, to play acoustic greats. We're developing quickly as a duo and the songs are sounding good. IMHO hee hee!! My next solo gig is at the New Beach Club at Pett Level, from 8 p.m. on Saturday 23rd November. Great little gig and a nicely relaxed vibe. I hope you can make one or both. The odd other gigs for the year are on my website - mickmepham.com

All the best,











Hi again folks,

This week sees me at the Brittannia in Margate on Saturday September 14th around 8.30ish with the rock show and on Sunday with Frank and the Oddments (nee Bill and Ben) at the Prince of Wales in Hoath CT3 4LN for some acoustic fun from 3 p.m. either outside or inside depending on the weather. Saturday 21 is the Legionnaires Cocktail Party (yayyyyyy) and I have a new one at the Heritage, Halfway, Sheppey, Minster road ME12 3JE. It's a micro pub so if you want to get in be early for a 6 p.m. start and be prepared to get sweaty!! I'm looking forward to it a lot and hope you can make it too. Then to wrap up the month I'm at Pub 31 on Winchelsea Beach on Sunday 29th at 1.30 p.m. and looking forward to going back there. 

I hope to see you at one or all of these gigs and wish you happy music-ing.

Cheers for now,









Hi folks,

 Big thanks to Andy at the Royal Oak last Saturday for helping to make it a fun evening. This week I'm back at the excellent Queen's Head at Icklesham near Hastings for a Sunday afternoon gig from 4 - 6. The food is great and the atmosphere is too. Then a short working holiday in France again, then back in good time for the debut of Bill and Ben at the Prince of Wales, Maypole, Hoath CT3 4LN for the 28th of July on the Sunday afternoon. Bill and Ben is Pete Boland (bass and vocals) and myself (acoustic guitar and vocals) playing acoustic songs by many and various people including Richard Thompson, Cat Stevens, Little Feat etc. The name may change in time …..

After that I'm off to the A New Day Festival for august 2 - 4 th. Brilliant line-up and looking forward to it lots.

Then I'm back in Tonbridge at the Punch and Judy for the rock show on Tuesday 6th August, followed by a private show, then I'm back at last to the Brittania in Margate, opposite the Turner Gallery on Saturday 14th. It's been a long time between shows at both venues but I hope plenty of people will make it to one or both.

 After the Legionnaires Cocktail Party it's off to Pub 31 at Winchelsea Beach on September 29th, which is, I think, another Sunday afternoon but keep an eye open for details.

All in all then, things are picking up a bit but if anyone has a cancellation or a gap, don't be backwards at coming forwards!!!!

Cheers and all the best to everyone until next time,




Hi again folks,

 Further to the last bit - an update! The album is selling well in Japan, America and the UK. Hurrah!!!! Hopefully, you have your copies already but, if not, visit the connections below.....


Hi folks,

Here's a Die Laughing update. We are on an upcoming album called Jobcentre Rejects, an album of bands from the NWOBHM era, which is being released on April 19th. Here are a couple of links to the feature. The first is a video and you might remember the opening track, the second is a tv clip from Sweden beginning with a singer, then following on with the feature. Do have a look. 




Saturday night's gig at the Beau Nash was a lot of fun and I thank everyone for making it so. Beatles Day at the White Rock, Hastings, was likewise most enjoyable and I hope that everyone gave departing organizer Pete Prescott a proper goodbye. Cheers Pete.

Onwards and upwards,







Happy New Year folks (even if it is halfway through February,)

 Well, we've moved now and are spread between La Belle France and Kent. That was one of the worst, most stressy moves I've ever undergone but things are slowly settling down now. 

 This Saturday sees a return to action for Loose Endz at the Pelham Arms in Gravesend. I just have to remember which end of the guitar goes where. Other loose Endz gigs will follow in due course, plus solo gigs for me in both rock and folk formats. My first booked date is on Saturday April 6th at the ever-excellent Beau Nash in Tunbridge Wells, followed on Sunday the 7th by the last Beatles Day fundraiser at the White Rock Theatre in Hastings. Pete Prescott, the organiser, is making this his last one and I for one will be giving it what for at 2 p.m. in the Sussex Room. 

A while later, on July 6th, I'll be at the Royal Oak in Tonbridge and I'm looking forward to that one for Andy very much.

I'll be sitting back in the first week of August and going to the A New Day Festival, which has an amazing bill this year, as if last year's bill wasn't great too!!! Any guitar fans out there might like to know that, among others, Glenn Hughes, Uli Jon Roth, Martin Barre, Zal Cleminson  and Climax Blues Band will be there and that's not even mentioning everyone else that I can't remember …….  Have a look online, it's a doozy.

Now that the move is done, I hope to be adding to the gig list anon so keep having a look. In the meantime I wish you all good things and I hope to see lots of you at various gigs. 

Cheers for now,










Hi again folks, 

Well, the weekend of gigs seemed to be ok and the New Beach Club at Pett Level went well enough that I'll be playing on New Year's Eve there, that's December 31st folks! Though it's a club, you're welcome there and I have to say that it's one of the most relaxed places I play so I hope to see you there to bring in the new year. This week on Saturday I'll be at the excellent Beau Nash in Tunbridge Wells again, starting at 9 p.m. I haven't been there since the last time so I'm hoping for a good evening. I'll be premiering a new song and I have high hope for it, see what you think! Nothing then until Thursday 22nd when I'll be with Titus at the FILO in Hastings Old Town. They have their own brewery and I believe the produce is rather good. By then, I hope to be in France but will be returning for gigs. Then on Saturday 15th December I have a private party followed by, on Sunday December 16th, I'll be at the Excellent Queens Head in sunny Icklesham (4 p.m. start) for another rockfest there. Lastly, before the New Year, will be the swansong for Titus at the Jenny Lind in the Old Town, Hastings, on Sunday December 23rd. Check with the venue for the start time. My little problem of recent times has made me realise how much I love these gigs and I won't be holding back.  

It'd be great to see you at any or all of them!

Cheers for now,












Hi folks,

For the first time in many years I have to cancel all of my gigs, Mick Mepham, Titus and Loose Endz, for a while, as I've had a small problem with my health. My profuse apologies to everyone but I have to get better before I can play live again. I'm hoping that I'll be fit again by October. In the meantime - here is some light music ……..

As soon as I'm going again I'll let you know.

Cheers and thanks for your understanding,

Mick Mepham.











Hi folks,

 A local gig tomorrow at the Holbeach Food and Drink Festival from 1 p.m. Great nosh in vast amounts there......

Then on Sunday I'll be at Pub 31 at Winchelsea Beach starting at 1.30 p.m. There seems to be an outbreak of afternoon gigs across the country. I hope to see you at one or t'other.

Cheers for now,






Hi folks, 

Sorry about the recent gap in service - my fault entirely. I'm not used to the steam-powered interweb thingy.....

Tonight's Loose Endz gig in Chatham is now not on because of a cock-up on the booking front but next Friday the 4th at the Peacock in Gravesend is fine, see you there. 

A couple of gigs have 'flooded' in and I'm now at the Spalding Beer Festival at 3 p.m. on Sunday, May 27th and also at the Holbeach Food and Drink festival on Saturday June 30th, time to be confirmed. 

I had the pleasure of being on Spitfire radio, an online station, last evening. Have a listen on Thursday evenings at 7 p.m.

Cheers for now and I'll see you soon at a gig near you!





Hi folks, due to the weather, Titus will not be playing at the Crown and Anchor, Eastbourne, tonight but will hopefully see you at a revised date! Stuck in the studio this week and going nowhere outside. Good for the writing and recording though.... 

My next gigs are on Friday 16th March with Loose Endz at the Gravesend Boat, Gravesend, followed by myself at the Beau Nash, Tunbridge Wells the next night, Saturday 17th March. Hurrah and Huzzah.

Keep warm people and I'll see you when the sun comes out again....






Waheyyyyy!!! Couple of real fun gigs this last couple of days thanks to the good people of the Peacock, Gravesend and Sittingbourne. Voice now shot to bits!! This week I'll be playing with Titus at the FILO in Hastings Old Town. Hope the voice comes back in time...... No new year gig for the first time in about 20 years.... Doh!

Cheers all,





Stop press: I'm at a new gig this Saturday 30th. It's the Canal Tavern Pub in Gravesend and there's a hog roast as well as the music. This is the venue's first gig so I'm going to give them my best and I hope you'll be able to support them and me. 

Cheers all,





Thanks to everyone at the Pelham in Gravesend, the Royal Oak in Tonbridge and the Queen's Head, Icklesham for being so much fun at last week's gigs. I had a lot of fun too and lost a few gallons of sweat into the bargain!! Onwards and upwards to the Beau Nash in Tunbridge Wells on Saturday 16th this week. The following week is back to Hastings with Titus from 4 - 6 at the Jenny Lind in the Old Town. There are updates in the gig guide for upcoming shows.

Cheers for now, music lovers,



Hi folks,


I'll be at the Pelham Arms, Old West road, Gravesend on Saturday September 2nd i.e. Saturday week! It's an 8.30 start so, if you can make it, I'll hope to see you all there then.

This week on Sunday afternoon, 4 - 6 p.m, I'll be at the wunnerful Carlisle on Hastings sea front. I haven't been there since the last time .... Again, I hope to see loads of people there.

Cheers for now,








Here's a quick update on Saturday 19ths gig with Loose Endz at the Pelham, Gravesend. It's a 2 p.m. start! See you there....

Really enjoyable gigs lately at the Castle, Pevensey and in Gravesend. More this week with Loose Endz, at the Pelham in Gravesend on Saturday 19th. That's followed by Sunday 27th at the Carlisle in Hastings between 4 - 6 p.m. Note the earlier time on the 27th. Can't wait!!

Many thanks to all the fun people at the Holbeach Food Fest which was most enjoyable. One extra from that is that I'll be playing at Holbeach St Marks Village Hall on October 21st so put it in your diaries now!!

That's all for now folks.











 Back again after a short hiatus. I finally realized that I should update this from the top of the page and not the bottom, DOH!!!!!

New gigs are on the Shows page plus other bits and pieces.

If you're in Holbeach this Saturday lunchtime I'll be playing at the Food Festival from Midday until 2 p.m. I hope you can make it.

Cheers for now,






Hi there everybody,
Happy New Year one and all.
Thanks to everyone who came to the New Beach Club at Pett Level on the 31st. It was a great evening for me and, I hope, for all those who were there. I've recovered now and in time for this Friday's gig at the Punchbowl in Spalding (9 - 11 p.m.) Next week at the Queen's Head, Icklesham (4 - 6 p.m.) will hopefully be a cracker too. I wish you all well for 2017 and albums will soon be available (at last) so maybe it will be a good year for me too!!
All the best for now and cheers!

Speaking for myself, I've had a lot of good gigs on my own and with Titus. Recording wise, things are coming on and the first of 2 acoustic albums is nearly ready for release. I'd like to thank everyone who has come to the gigs and given me encouragement to keep going a big thank you. It's the same for all musicians - if there's no audience there's no point. Cheers to you all and have a good holiday and return refreshed in the new year.

This is my new site and I hope it will be more efficient, informative and useful for you all. I'm now living in Lincolnshire but I'm still doing gigs all over so don't be afraid to get in touch for bookings. This will be the site for the rock that I write, produce, record, gig and sell. It will also include Titus information as well as featuring my own acoustic music as well!!  There will be merch available in all sections soon.
A big welcome to the site and please let me know (politely) what you think, any ideas and any comments or reflections you may have. I hope you like it all! Cheers all, Mick.

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